“I f*cking love you” – Dave Mercy, Frequently

“You really do make workers look not sh*t” – Mike Bird, May 2016

“If Jim’s taking portraits, I’m always geared up and first in line” – ‘Wild Boar’ Mike Hitchman, Frequently

“Always love Jim Maitland’s work!” – Flash Morgan Webster, August 2016

“Saw your shots from the weekend, you’re a bit good aren’t you” – Joel Allen, October 2016

“Jim is a very good me. Or I’m a very good him. Either way he’s wonderful.” – Oli Sandler, October 2016

“Dude, that Ligero/Kirby picture is phenomenal. Outside of your obvious superior ability, how on earth did you do that?” – Hustle Malone, May 2016

“I absolutely love it when Jim takes photos of me” – Sierra Loxton, September 2016

“.. his stuff is incredible, love his portrait stuff” – Jimmy Havoc, September 2016

“Photography orgasm” – Craig Hermit, October 2016

“Jim is quite possibly the best in the country, you’re only hurting yourself by not getting promo’s with him” – Chris Brookes, August 2016