Video Services

Turning Face can also provide ringside and promotional videography, interview lighting, commentary equipment and post production/motion graphics.

Filming & Live Editing/Streaming

With two Panasonic HC-X1000 4K professional cameras plus a Panasonic HC-X920, we are able to film in full HD at 50 frames per second in even the worst lighting conditions. With an added GoPro for extreme angle or referee camera, pro commentary setup and experienced editing, Turning Face can provide one of the most well rounded video production packages in British Wrestling. We now also offer live video editing and streaming, to discuss the finer details of this please do get in touch! We currently provide live editing & streaming for Pro Wrestling Chaos, PCW, Big League Wrestling on a regular basis and have previously worked with Lucha Forever.

We also use high end Canon DSLR’s for back stage/promotional videos enhanced by Rode audio equipment, lavalier microphones & LED video light panels to get top quality video and audio straight out of the camera.

If you already have us at ringside shooting some awesome stills, we can give your crew a crash course in camera operation and will direct them during the show. We also know experienced camera operators who live close to us who can car share, their fee is not included when booking Turning Face.

Commentary Equipment

We can also provide commentary equipment and cabling to bring your stage microphones into the same recording for crystal clear audio when it comes to your final edit. Using a professional Zoom H6 you can have up to 4 XLR or mono inputs plus an on-recorder, stereo crowd mic. We can provide two XLR broadcaster headsets and a Behringer headset splitter with independent volume control. When live editing, we often provide the commentary desk with a live cut monitor, so they can call the action exactly how the viewers at home will see it!

Editing & Motion Graphics

With varied experience in editing and motion graphics, specifically for wrestling, Jim can produce lower 3rd graphics that fit with the general style of your promotion, or theme of the show! When editing footage, it will be cleaned up as best possible and colour-graded to your liking.

This also stretches to music videos & show hype videos. So if you’re fed up of just having shots cut without any sort of rythm to match the music, or want that extra touch to your MV or hype video, get in touch!

Average lead time from receiving all video and audio to first edit is 3 days. For pricing or to talk more about what you require drop us a line using the contact form below.

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